Dripping Mispfitz

DrIpPiNg MiSpFiTz Fog Fluid is created and distributed by Wacky Vapes; This group has made an immediate impact and impression in the vaping community, and has formed some of the strongest bonds in the industry. When you are buying the Dripping MiSpFiTz juices, you are not just buying the product; you are buying a self-sustained, and marketed group that comes with marketing already in place, Vapers TV exposure, well established groups and professional connections already attached. $1 is donated per bottle to the DrIpPiNg MiSpFiTz group; to use for group, and community giveaways, events, sponsorship, activism, and capital expenditures for the group.

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Balls Out

Balls Out

Balls Out is the second of the line, and was slated to be a lemon coconut sugar cookie. However afte..

Price: $22.00

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